Sunday, November 6, 2016

You've Got NaNo Mail!

I loved the movie You’ve Got Mail and recently watched it again. I had forgotten about hearing the electronic signal when I opened up aol, followed by the cheery voice saying “You’ve got mail.” I don’t get the electronic noise and there is no voice announcement but I get the same anticipatory frisson when I see the little envelope next to Hello, novelone! and a number indicating I have new mail. I tend to save my email for the duration of the 30 days, just feels right somehow. I can go back and read the most recent pep talk (more on those later), check out upcoming write-ins (more on those later too), and see what my buddies have sent my way.

I try to send an email to at least one of my buddies every day. They always write back, usually just a few words but the connection keeps my writing energy up and I hope does the same for them.

One more hint on how to add a Buddy, once you are on your email page on the left side will be a brown box saying Invite a friend. If you know the person’s NaNo name you can fill it in there and buddy up that way. And before you know it you’ll be connected. Expand your tribe!

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