Thursday, November 3, 2016

Love Your Data Charts

Every day when you update your word count a page with this chart on it will pop up. I LOVE this graphic! The average words per day and words written today is a good snap shot of your current pace. The fun part is looking at words remaining, the date you will finish at your current average rate, and when you will finish if you keep that pace. If you have been jackrabbiting because it is early in the month and you are in that first flush of writing power but are worried about sustaining the pace, you can look at the words per day you need to finish on time. In this example because I am a bit ahead, I only need 1,564 words per day to be a winner on the 30th.

Of course if I stay with my personal goal of 2,000 words or more per day I will finish early. I like to post my total on Thanksgiving morning and then spend the day celebrating and relaxing with my family and friends.

Tomorrow we will talk about how to choose a nano name.

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