Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tracking Your Words

The goal is to get to 50,000 words! NaNoWriMo's site provides a quick and easy way to track your count. Once you have registered your novel and sign in, click on My NaNoWriMo  and select dashboard. There you will find a white box (see above) where you can type in your daily total. When you push update, your new word count appears.

The most satisfying part of the day is filling in the new number and then watching the bar graph jump. As you can see, I am just a bit ahead as of the second day. Assuming 1,667 words per day, I would need to have 3,334 to be perfectly on track. As I have 4,670 today, I am a bit ahead so I am above the target line. I know from past years that there will be days where I will not get to 1,667 so having a little cushion feels good to me.

Tomorrow I will show you the second set of stats that appear when you update. If you like to track your words and see exactly where you are and what you need to finish, tomorrow's post will be for you.


  1. This is, as you know, one of my favorite parts of the NaNo website. Bar graphs rule!

    1. You are indeed the queen of data management, write on!