Monday, November 7, 2016

Find Your Region

In the brown bar near the top of the home page at nanowrimo is a tab labeled Regions. This tab will help you find your closest region and be your link to local nanowrimo happenings. When I click on the tab, find a region this pops up. As you can see my closest region is USA;;Ohio::Dayton. There are nano chapters all over the world.

When I click on my region first I get this screen.

And when I click again, I get this. This lists my municipal liaisons, those are folks who volunteer their time to organize nano events and foster a sense of community. You can see that my page also has notes and a constantly updated list of Write Ins.

I am fortunate that there is a second region very close to me USA::Ohio::Elsewhere that is only one county over. You can only choose one region to be your home region but you can belong to facebook groups for as many as you like. The advantage for me is that it gives me more opportunities to find a Write In. I'll post more about Write Ins later.

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