Friday, November 4, 2016

Choosing Your NaNo Name

When you sign up on the NaNoWriMo site you have to choose a name. At first I thought well, I HAVE a name, why not just use that? I asked the writer friends who were encouraging me to try NaNo who they were on the site and was delighted by the variety and ingenuity of their chosen monikers. Some took the name of one of their characters. Some rearranged the letters in their name to create something new. Some just flat out made something up. Some used their email address. Some used a version of their favorite author’s name. Some used their actual name. Some used initials. Writers are so clever and creative!

After considerable thought I called myself, drumroll please, novelone. I liked the word play. I was working on my first novel and I am a little quirky (well maybe a bit more than a little) so I AM a novel one. Clever, huh? Novel one creating her novel one. I did mention I am writing a series? I liked it so much I have kept it although it is very easy to change your name by simply registering again. You can preserve previous years by just letting them be.

 So have a little fun choosing your NanNo name. Think about how it will look on someone’s buddy list. Think about how you want to be greeted each time you open the page. If you look at the cream box on the top right of the accompanying illustration you can see my Hello novelone! I love it. It reminds me who I am and what this is all about. If you want the site to be where “everybody knows your name” then start buddying people right away. Tomorrow’s post will detail how to do that. It’s easy and fun and you will be creating your very own virtual Cheers writing bar. Admit it, you have that theme song in your head now too. Posts are coming soon about NaNo music!

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